Up the California west coast on Route 1 (well sort of..)

After arriving in Los Angeles, the plan was originally to briefly go southward, and then make our way up the west coast of California from San Diego to San Francisco (it all sounds so glamorous..) on Route 1, the coastal road. However, due to the volume of traffic on the way down to San Diego, … More Up the California west coast on Route 1 (well sort of..)

LA to San Diego

LA is a massive city, truly huge with no actual centre, which can be a problem as the traffic is horrendous, even with the massive roads they have here. We started our day with a long drive to Holllywood Boulevard, we couldn’tget into Mann’s chinese theatre as there was a Premiere that night, but we … More LA to San Diego


We weren’t in a rush, so we took the scenic route from Twizel to Christchurch, not as spectacular as other parts of South Island, but pretty none the less.  We had a couple of nice stops and had lunch in a little village watching the cricket!   When we met up with the landlady of … More Christchurch

The very south

We drove away from from Te Anua on a 2 day loop that took us to the very south of south island, and then back to within 50k of where we started, about 500k in total. The weather was overcast and dreary, but the scenery was still pretty good. We headed down to Invercargill, a … More The very south

House of horror!!!

There is a problem in New Zealand, too many tourists, 3.5 million last year, that’s nearly as much as the entire population of the country! So we were having problems booking places to stay.  We found a site with a house in Te Anua available for 3 days, a bit old fashioned decoratively, but fine … More House of horror!!!