LA to San Diego

LA is a massive city, truly huge with no actual centre, which can be a problem as the traffic is horrendous, even with the massive roads they have here.

We started our day with a long drive to Holllywood Boulevard, we couldn’tget into Mann’s chinese theatre as there was a Premiere that night, but we could see the footprints on the sidewalk from the barrier (but not who they were).  Also along here is the walk of fame, thousands of stars in the sidewalk with the names of various celebrities from music TV and movies (Frank Sinatra has 2), then we walked into the shopping centre, had some lunch and looked at the Hollywood sign.  Then another 40 minute cruise to Rodeo Drive to look at the posh shops, but to be honest, we couldn’t see what the fuss was about!

Mann’s Chinese Theatre
Red carpet out (sadly not for us)
Scarlett’s star on the walk of fame (I’m not obsessed)


The Hollywood sign from a slightly grottier part of Hollywood Boulevard
Love a bit of street art, just off Hollywood Boulevard

We decided to check out Santa Monica beach, another long drive but well worth it, a great beach at sunset an we even watched them filming a video on the boardwalk (no idea who for though).

Not sure what they were filming but it looked jolly exciting!
Santa Monica Pier
Sunset in Santa Monica

Next day we took a beautiful scenic drive to Long Beach, saw the Queen Mary, drove on the motor racing cirrcuit they we setting up on the roads for the upcoming Toyota Grand prix, took a walk around the Marina before making our way back.

The original Queen Mary, for some odd reason there is a submarine by the side of it!

We took the scenic route back on Palos Verdes road and stopped at a Starbucks with possibly the most scenic view in LA!

Coffee with a view, sadly I didn’t get to go on the BSA

That evening I took the 20 mile drive on the Freeway to Mulholland Drive, where there was a magnificent view of the city at night.

Not a great shot, but the city from here looked beautiful, worth the drive on a clear night!

I don’t think LA was for us really, worth a visit, but a traffic nightmare wherever you go.

We drove south to San Diego the next day, the sat nav said 2.5 hours, it ended up taking us over 4.  But San Diego is a pretty town, with a beautiful trainstation called Sante Fe (for some reason), we went to little Italy and had a fabulous meal (one of the best this trip).

Downtown San Diego
The beautiful Sante Fe station
Little Italy – buzzing on a Friday night

The next day we drove on the highway to Santa Barbara, and the start of our road trip on Route 1, where it gets a lot more interesting!






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