We weren’t in a rush, so we took the scenic route from Twizel to Christchurch, not as spectacular as other parts of South Island, but pretty none the less.  We had a couple of nice stops and had lunch in a little village watching the cricket!


Thats a four!
The Water really was that colour

When we met up with the landlady of our apartment for the next 2 nights, it turns out she was originally from Ilford, and born in the same hospital as me (it’s a small world).

We explored Christchurch on the Sunday, and it was a miserable day, so we didn’t see the city in its best light, but since the 2011 earthquake hit, the city is in a terrible state.  In parts I can only imagine this was what citiies were like in the blitz.

There were many abandoned buildings, waiting for thier turn to be demolishhed, and there ware many empty lots where buildings used to be, waiting for someone to come along and ressurect them.

Surprising to see so many buildings like this
The cathedral
And from the side angle
Demolition is a 7 day a week job

But life goes on and the cardboard cathedral is a testament to what people can achieve when nature throws an earthquake at you.  A small church built mainly of cardboard (but industrial engineered cardboard, not the sort you or I would get from Tesco).  It was a buzzing church with people coming and going, all very upbeat and enthusiastic!

Inside the cardboard cathedral
And outside

Just opposite the cathedral there is an installation of empty white chairs, each one representing a person who died during the tragedy (185 in total)

Very sad, especially when you see the baby seat

There are a few community areas in the devestation, and the restart mall, a small shopping complex with shops housed in old containers.

The restart mall in the rain
And the trams are still running

But, the city is recovering.   They are taking their time to rebuild so what they rebuild is firstly safe for earthquakes, and also to take advantage of the opportunity to re shape the city into something special, a chance few cities get to do!

Next day the weather was much improved and we saw it in sunlight, we walked along the beautiful Avon river to the botanic gardens where we had tea and cake in the Sun before heading to our airport  hotel for our flight early next morning.

We had a great soulvaki here
The remembrance arch
Monument to the earthquake by the river
Like being in Oxbridge
Rose garden in the botanic gardens

We’re really sad to leave New Zealand, a really amazing place,  and it has started to feel like we were on a slow journey home, and we have no desire to come home yet!

One thing about Christchurch as a last note, there is some really amazing street art, I love this kind of thing and have posted a few examples of it below.











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