House of horror!!!

There is a problem in New Zealand, too many tourists, 3.5 million last year, that’s nearly as much as the entire population of the country!

So we were having problems booking places to stay.  We found a site with a house in Te Anua available for 3 days, a bit old fashioned decoratively, but fine for us, and cheap!

We were very pleased when we pulled up, we’ll cared for garden, great views and a 5 minute walk from the town.

When we got inside it looked OK , but then it sank in, the bedrooms stank of “old”, but the dirt was horrible, I had to clean the new(ish) washing machine before we used it (we had to get laundry done.  

We had no Wi-Fi there so I went to the tourist information to see if we could stay anywhere else, but there was nothing to be found.  So we cleaned the rooms we were using and shut everything else up.

The worst thing was when you took a shower, there was a massive bug climbing up the outside of the shower curtain, and when you finished you shower it was nowhere to be seen.

We had a big row with the owner who insisted it was clean and didn’t smell, though he agreed to refund us 25% of the cost.

I have posted some pictures below, see what you think!

The lesson here is, if you’re going to New Zealand, get your accommodation booked before you get here!


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