Pulled by the fuzz!


Sunday morning and we were heading out from cell block H for a full days exploring on the way to Turangi.

I looked in my mirror and saw a red unmarked police car with his lights flashing.

“That’s OK” I thought, “I’ll pull over and let him pass”

Sadly though he didn’t pass, and it was me he wanted.  I rolled down the window as he sauntered over, apparently I had been doing 119kmh and the speed limit in New Zealand is 100kph, about 60mph (yeh – I know, right!).

It was a fair cop, I had been following other traffic and hadn’t noticed the speed creep up, basically a $200 fine.  After a bit of a chat about relative speed limits in New Zealand, this being holiday time, kids on the road, blah blah, he asked me where I was taking Dawn for dinner that night, to which I answered somewhere very cheap.  And with that he let me off the fine as long as I bought Dawn a nice meal, and he wished us a great holiday.  Really Kiwis are the nicest people in the world.

That evening I cooked a bbq at our motel, breaking my promise to the policeman (#stillabadboy).


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