Due to some technical issues with lost photos, I’m hoping to post Angkor temples later (probably will delay Ayers Rock too), so I’m jumping to Singapore.

We loved Singapore, it jumps right up to one of my favourite cities in the world, and number one in city states (sorry Luxembourg and Monaco – yes I know that’s a principality).

Coming from Cambodia Singapore seems like a different world, they drive on the correct side of the road (the left side), everything is clean, tidy and incredibly well laid out, and to make things easy, everyone speaks excellent English.

We stayed in a budget hotel for backpackers calls Hangout @ Mt Emily, the rooms were basic but clean, the communal area was excellent and had free tea and coffee, including cappuccino, I may have overdosed on caffeine!

Singapore is an unusual blend of British,Chinese, Indian and may other cultures, in a melting pot that really work, a lot of cities could learn from here.

Our first day included little India which was a short walk from our hotel.  This was like being back in the markets of our first stop, obviously jewellery is important as we walked down a road with shop after shop selling gold, other streets had food, flowers and technology. From there we caught the excellent metro to Chinatown.  Here there are market streets next to modern shopping malls, but also Maxwell food market, a hawker market with just about every type of Asian food we could imagine, sadly we didn’t eat there as we were still in remission from the pounding our stomachs had taken in Vietnam and Cambodia!  

In the evening we went to see the Garden Rhapsody show in the Gardens by the bay, where the metal trees were illuminated in time with music, to be honest this was a little disappointing, leaving us with a “was that it” moment.

From there we walked through the Marina Sands hotel (see picture it’s like someone stuck an ocean liner on to skyscrapers), into the most ostentatious shopping centre ever, we came in at the top onto a down escalator that was so high I got vertigo (seriously, I freaked).  When we got to the lower level there were multiple designer shops, and if you didn’t like the first Tiffany’s, there was another one round the corner.  

Crazy high shopping centre

From there we went outside to watch the light show on the water.  This was stunning, images and music projected onto curtains of water, this is highly recommended if you ever go!

Amazing light show

The next day we walked back to the gardens by the bay to see them in daylight, and in the afternoon  we had tea at Raffles.  The food was amazing and we had a fantastic afternoon paid for by my leaving gift from Burrows (my last job – thanks guys), the only downside was we weren’t allowed to take the leftover cakes with us, if we’d known we would have smuggled them out as we couldn’t eat another thing!

Along with the buffet it was too much for us

Our last day we spent walking round the marina and saw the Mer Lion (who knew), we wandered round the CBD, saw the Raffles statue and the beautiful museums and government buildings.

Raffles statue
Mer Lion

So that was Asia, it’s been an amazing couple of months even with the sickness, our only regret was that we didn’t have more time, to see more things and also to stop and relax.  Next stop – Darwin!


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