Siem Reap

To go to Angkor, your really have to stay at Siem Reap, other than that there is no reason to go there other than a couple of nice restaurants and lots and lots of bars!

Why write about it, well we stayed in Faulty Towers.  It was a catalogue of errors (disaster was too strong a word).

When we arrived we were shown to a fantastic room, more like a suite, however the ceramic tile was split next to the bet with a jagged edge sitting up 3mm from the floor.  I wandered down to reception and they happily moved us, but how could housekeeping have missed this.

In our new (also very nice) room Dawn went to make a up of tea, only for a massive spark to arc out of the kettle onto the table, I ran this down to reception to ask them to change it, and 7 hours later a kettle was returned seemingly working.

Breakfast was due to start at 6, and on one of the mornings we had a tour we got there at 6:30, hardly any food was out and we left hungry, this was one of the factors we think caused Dawn to feel very ill on that day.

We decided to have dinner in the hotel on the last night of our tour as we were too tired to wander out, we gave the (barely out of school) waiter our order, from the restaurant you could see the kitchen through a hatch, we heard a sneeze, then another and another, as we looked through the hatch we could see the chef was violently sneezing all over the kitchen without putting his hand or a hankie to his mouth, we told the waiter to cancel our order and we would eat elsewhere, at the time he was laughing and joking with a colleague, after apologising he went back to his hilarious conversation with his friend.

All the staff were in fact very friendly, but clearly had no real training, we had 5 days there, if nothing else it was entertaining.

The town had a night area called Pub Street (really) which was lively, but this was a place you only stop to get to Angkor, not so bad, but you wont get an idea of the real cambodia here!

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

I will do the Angkor post in the next few days, but unfortunately due to 2 technical disasters I have very little in the way of photographs (anyone know how to get a thousand photos from a damaged micro sd card), but I should have enough to get a small post done!


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