Say hello to my little friend

Well, Dawns little friend to be precise.  Over the last few months Dawn has been suffering from pains in her stomach, not everyday but they were getting worse.  She missed out on a couple of sights when she felt really bad, but things got quite serious when we visited the temples at Angkor, where I honestly thought she was going to pass out (she said she would tell me if she was going to faint).

Anyway I rung our insurance in the UK for some advise (30 quid for a 15 minute call – thanks Vodafone), as we thought they could arrange a doctor in Singapore, they couldnt but they strongly advised we find a doctor in Cambodia before we flew to Singapore.

We found a British doctor working in a clinic in Siem Reap (what are the chances), and as soon as we told him we had been to India he just gave a knowing nod.  Turns out that even by South East Asian standards, India is a renownend for giving people souveniers of their visit that they might not want.

After examining Dawn he diagnosed that she (probably) had the Giardia parasite, a most unwelcome guest (see blog photo), and after 2 rounds of antibiotics we hope now she is on the mend, if not we have to find a tropical disease specialist in Melbourne!

The parasite is a luck of the draw thing, short of not eating there is nothing you can do about it as it is most likely down to your food handlers personal hygene once they have used the toilet (really ewww!).  Though it can also be from the soil on unwashed vegetables, but we didnt eat anything not cooked.

Why didnt I get it, well I probably did, but I get violently ill quickly and probably expelled it before it could take hold, Dawn’s illness was more of a slow burn.

We are pretty sure we know which restaurant (quite a nice rooftop one) in Udaipur, so if you’re that way and you want to know what to avoid, drop me a line.

I promise the next blog will be more cheery (really)!


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