Hoi An

We continued our train journey from Hue to Danang, a mere 3 hours this time.  Unfortunately, the departure of the train was delayed by an hour, but this gave another young lady time to catch up with Dawn whilst we waited on the platform..

Dawn continues to be a source of inspiration to young Asian women.  Her advice to this one, dont wear socks with sandals!
Much as I advised Dawn to move to her right – she wouldn’t

The journey itself was fantastic, past beautiful beaches and mountains.  The train itself stops at Danang but we were staying in Hoi An, about 40 minutes away by taxi from Danang station.

Couldn’t get many shots on the train for various reasons, but the view was fantastic

Our small hotel (the Nhi Nhi) was lovely, strangely only staffed by young women (all under 25 at the very most) who went out of their way to make you as comfortable as possible. We were given a cold drink and cold towels whenever we returned to the hotel, and given the heat and humidity that was so very welcome!

Hoi An is a beautiful town. You have to pay about £5.00 to go into the centre of the old town  itself, but the tickets lasted the duration of your stay, and entrance into 5 historic houses or temples was included in the price.

The biggest attraction is the Japanese covered bridge, built by Japanese merchants in 1593 Iit’s only small but a beautiful entrance into the old town.

Japanese covered bridge (from behind)
From the bridge on the river
And the other side
Many dragons here, but this was the friendliest

At night Hoi An is a buzzing little place, with bars, restaurants and food stalls by the waterfront. You could also buy a little cardboard boat with a candle and set it adrift on the river. We were told it brings you good luck (I don’t believe in luck so didn’t bother) but it was nice to see them afloat on the water.

On the way in to town
Shop seilling lanterns
And over the river

A short taxi ride was the beach. This was stunning and the sea was so clear and warm. We spent a couple of afternoons here. Simple deal with the sun loungers, buy lunch from a restaurant and you could have a lounger for the day, and the restaurants weren’t too expensive.

A beautiful beach
Where you could have a good splash around
And watch the sunset
But watch out for the wierd fishing boats

All in all a beautiful town, a great little hotel and a nice place to stay as we tried to recover (with a little help from the local pharmacy) from the amoebic dysentery we both picked up in Hue!

Then it was a change of plan, scenery and climate, as we headed inland to the mountains to continue our recovery!


One thought on “Hoi An

  1. Great to hear you are both having a great time. We were told to be careful of salads especially lettuce. Get a reputed named bottle water not one filled locally. God bless you both George and Win.


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