Hue (and cry)

Hue by name, humid by nature, you walked outside and 5 minutes later you were soaked!  We settled into our hotel, very comfortable and business like with excellent air conditioning.  We were pretty tired but got ourselves out to take a look at the town.  Hue is nestled on the perfume river and there are lots of dragon boat tours to take you to the many temples and Pagodas outside the city on the river, and our plan was to take one on our last day in Hue

We wandered across the river to the local market, one definitely for the locals with clothing, food weird and wonderful and assorted knick knacks, a busy bustling place with just the odd bits here and there aimed at tourists.

The Perfume river (it didn’t smell)
Del boy was nowhere to be seen

From there we went to the Dieu De pagoda, difficult to find, but we’ll worth a look and no one there (plus it was free to get in).

No one here
Except for us

That night we took trip advisors advice and went to an amazing little restaurant called Hanh, for some incredible local food and a couple of beers (cheaper than a cup of tea!).
The following morning (Saturday) we booked a boat tour for the next day and set off for Hue’s main attraction, the citadel.

The Citadel is a huge and Amazing walled city, the last Emperors of Vietnam lived here well into the 19th century.  An amazing site, we spent 3 hours here, but could easily have spent more.

Entrance to the Citadel
One of the many halls
Gate (there are a lot)
Liked this one
We’re  going to put a Dragon in the phone box when we get home!

The evening we had a street food tour booked, we chose a guy called Anh who was highly rated on tripadvisor.  We had an amazing evening trying all sorts of different food (not all to our taste), including cold sweet soup which doesn’t translate very well but was delicious.  We laughed when we went to Hanh, the restaurant we had been to the night before, and finished the evening with a coffee in a buzzing locals bar.  A great night and we learned a great deal about Vietnam from our host and we went to bed with our belly’s full…

Enjoying street food on one of Vietnams tiny chairs, seriously they sit so low to the floor!

3 hours later our belly’s were no longer full, and so began a week of toilet terrors, where everything we did had to be planned with tactical knowledge of all the nearest toilets.  I’m writing this 10 days later and we have only just recovered thanks to a couple of Pharmacists, much imodium and many pro-biotics. So much for Tripadvisor!

Japanese toilet, where are you when we need you!

The next day we cancelled our boat tour (didn’t get a refund) and spent the day in our room feeling sorry for ourselves!
On the Monday we pulled ourselves together for the 3 hour train journey to Danang, armed with moist toilet paper and a sense of apprehension!!!



One thought on “Hue (and cry)

  1. Still loving the blog guys – David you’ve missed your vocation as a travel writer! Sorry you’ve both been unwell, hope you’re feeling better now x


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