From Hanoi to Hue by sleeper train

We were catching the 10pm train out of Hanoi for the 15 hour journey to Hue.  We had booked the tickets at Hanoi station a couple of days earlier, a fairly small and drab station for a capital city.

The route out of Hanoi

We had a sleeper that we would share with 2 other people so we did not know what would await us.  as it happens it was a middle aged couple from the New Forest.  We shared a  couple of beers and chatted as the train left the station, then settled down for the night.  the train is on a fairly narrow gauge so it was a fairly bumpy night.  You are supplied bedding, but we had bought sleeping bag liners as the bedding isn’t changed too often so we felt a little less uncomfortable.

I had the top bunk!

Unfortunately because of the rattle and roll we didn’t get much sleep, every time I nodded off, there would be a bump and I would smash my head.  It’s odd sharing with strangers, everyone got up at some stage in the night for a pee, but you worried about waking others up, the lady snored a little which didn’t help, but otherwise you just got on with it.
Early in the morning I got up and watched the world go by outside the cabin, it was raining and the fields already had people working in them.  it was strange to see people ploughing their fields with an ox rather than a tractor, Vietnam is a country of contrasts.

After a refreshing nights sleep

Everyone got up as a lady came with a trolley for breakfast, I noted that beers were on offer, but I had a coffee and we both had chicken noodle soup (pot noodle in the UK).

A drab morning as we came into Hue

We watched the world go by until we rolled int Hue an hour late, but fortunately our taxi was there ready to take us to our hotel.  It was fun, but you could hardly say we we’re refreshed.

Luckily the taxi we had booked was waiting for us for the short journey to our hotel in Hue.



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