We went by bullet train from Kyoto to Hiroshima, we left it late booking it so we sat slightly apart, but on the plus side we got upgraded to first class.  we dumped our bags at the hotel and jumped on a train to take us to the ferry for the island of Miyajima which was recommended to us by our friends Marc and Dagmar who had been there just a few days before.

Luckily, our Japan rail passes covered the 15 minute crossing on what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

Once across we sat in a surprisingly quiet square overlooking the sea to eat some sandwiches we bought, when 2 bites in we we’re hastled by a deer. they are everywhere and will not leave you alone if you have food.

The island is beautiful, with a temple complex (Itsukushima shrine) and it’s floating gates (The Great Torri), a Buddhist hall and a Pagoda.

We visited the Buddhist hall while there was a service going on, they made us take off our shoes and gave us a bag to put them in, but it crinkled loudly every time you moved which seemed wrong given the sombre nature of the service.  a little later the monks and nuns started chanting, a beautiful sound and atmosphere in a stunning location!

We wandered around the other side of the temple complex in the late evening as the sun was setting, away from the crowds it was nice have some peace and enjoy the views before catching the ferry back to the mainland as the sun set.

Walking round town
On the beach
Buddhist ceremony
Floating gates (I don’t really think they float)
Floating gates
Deer has us in its sights!

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