Aptly it was a grey and miserable day when we went to Hiroshima.

The first thing that strikes you is that the atomic dome could survive the blast given how close it was to the heliocentre.  The peace park is very beautiful and peaceful, we rang the peace bell, then wandered round the park contemplating the various memorial.

In the museum there are many harrowing exhibits, but the one that sticks in my mind is the story or a little girl called Sadako Sasiki.  Only 2 when the bomb hit, she suffered Leukemia in 1954.  She  remebered the story that if you folded 1000 origami cranes that you would have a wish come true.  She folded the cranes as her wish was to live, her classmates also folded cranes for her too, but sadly she still died.  Her friends raised money to build a memorial to her and all the children who died during or after the bomb and this was placed in the park in 1958 and the Origami crane became a symbol of healing in Japan.

Atomic dome
Childrens memorial (with origami crane on top)
The eternal flame, only to be put out when there are no more nuclear weapons in the world!

The only positive you can say about the Hiroshima bombing, is that you can see the enduring spirit of people who are capable of great things.  Hiroshima has gone from being a scene of apocolyptic proportions, with hundreds of thousands dying, to a bustling modern and vibrant city.  You have to have faith in people and what they can achieve.

On a slightly lighter note, Dawn was approached by yet another set of school girls, speaking excellent English who did a video interview with her for her opinions on Hiroshima, nuclear war in general and if the attack on Hiroshima was justified, which of course it wasn’t!






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