Popular in the Punjab!

Walking through the Jallianwala memorial garden it became clear pretty quickly that something wasn’t right. We were getting a lot of attention and I was beginning to think this might turn out to be payback for 1919!
In a corner of the park a tall slim young man came marching towards me – “this is it”  I thought, “it’s all kicking off now”. He looked me straight in the eye and in a strong accent shouted “Photo”. He then stood next to me as his friend happily clicked a few shots, then they swapped round and took more pictures.

And so began days of literally dozens of requests for photos or selfies, groups of young men and women smiling at us and asking us where we are from or, my favourite, when they were too shy to ask, taking photos of each other with me in the background and looking away furtively when I caught them at it. We think it was because a lot of these young men were Sikhs, possibly from outlying areas, that may not have seen many westerners before, and certainly none that shaved their head!

As the day went on, young women also started asking Dawn to have their photo taken with her or both of us in a selfie. It was weird as many of them spoke excellent English and we just couldn’t see what the attraction was. This carried on into Shimla (again not too many westerners there) this time with young Hindu men, and Dawn was very popular when we got back to Delhi.

Anyway a couple of times we took pictures of them as well (only seemed fair)….

Smile baldy
Not at all awkward
I have no idea what’s happening here!


These girls asked me to take  picture of them, not sure why but maybe they heard about the blog. Note the adoring girl on the left who appears to have a crush on Dawn!


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