After the calm and the serenity of the Jain temple it was off to another busy city, this time Udaipur.  Our driver (Banwar) couldn’t drop us near the hotel as the roads were too tight, and it was also time for us to say goodbye to Banwar. I was going to miss him always opening and closing my door, but after Udaipur we would be going it alone.

The hotel was another Haveli, no swimming pool, but a great view of the lake from the rooftop restaurant, and the staff were excellent.

The streets in the old town though were mental, choked with traffic and pollution you could taste. Our first walk out from the hotel in search of pain killers (more of that in another blog) was successful, but you felt as if you were taking your life in your hands because of the traffic, and like a lot of towns here there were no pavements!

Next day was sightseeing, first off the local Hindu temple, a beautiful building from the 16th century.

At the temple 

Next we spent some time at the Palace, a huge and beautiful place and the first time since the Taj where there were significant crowds.  We went to the Crystal gallery  whilst we were there, which stressed our guide out as he wanted us on on the noon boat trip, this was well worth a look to see what money can buy you if you are really rich, including a Crystal bed (sadly not allowed to take any photos).


The Palace


From the roof of our hotel

After a short boat trip (a bit touristy really) it was back to dry land, a quick drive to another lake, then dropped of at our hotel for an afternoon of leisure.

On the lake
Decent bacon sarnee
Cow taking advantage of the welcome!

And that was it, our tour with a specialist company, personal driver and guides was over.  We really enjoyed it, saw some marvelous places, but it was a little too “if this is Monday this must be Jaipur” . On occasion we had also fought off guides suggesting that they take us to a particular shop, see artisans or factories, etc. , as we’ve seen this so many times before where the guides get a kick back from anything you may buy (a bad experience with a carpet factory in Egypt taught us that, but that’s another story, and is still clogging up our loft….)

So now we were on our own, next stop Amritsar!



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