Ranakpur and the Jain temple

To break up the journey to Udaipur we stopped of in Ranakpur, our hotel here was lovely and in the middle of the countryside so it was really peaceful.  Again we were one of only about 4 couples staying there, the pool was great and gave us a chance for another swim, though dinner and breakfast were a litle odd as we were pretty much on our own.

View from our room


The next day on the way to Udaipur we went to the Jain temple.  It was an astonishing building, almost too beaustiful to comprehend such were the carvings of the pillars inside, again my photos do not do it justice.  Jain’ism is very different to the major religions, they dont beleive in a creator, but they do beleive that all living things have a spirit, so they dont eat meat or work in agriculture they dont even kill insects.  You couldnt wear any leather clothing or take any food into the temple, and if you were a lady on your period you were not allowed to enter the temple, we couldnt see how they checked this though.

Whilst in there we were approached by the high priest of the temple (no guides or hawkers were allowed inside) where we had a brief conversation about Leicester where he had done missionary work and helped run the temple there.  Peter (I dont think that was his Hindi name) spoke excellent English and then asked if he could pray for us, so there we stood, 2 of the least religious people you could meet being prayed for in Hindi by a monk in orange robe.  There was something beautiful  about the way he prayed, and Dawn escribed his eyes as mesmerising, he told us he prayed for us to have health happiness and prosperity, however it was a Saturday and we won nothing on lottery that night!

I have not captioned the pictures, but if you get the chance just go!










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