The Tiger(less) safari

After another long hard drive we found ourselves in Ranthambore, in a little off the beaten track hotel called Jungle view where we were given the option of a tent or a cottage, we opted for the tent, though to be fair it did have air conditioning and its own toilet and shower!

Carry on camping

We had tea and coffee brought to us for the 2 mornings we were there, but if you went to the loo in the middle of the night, you had to run the gauntlet of hundreds of insects on the bathroom floor and the loo itself – not for the squeamish, but he had a fabulous stay and the food and service were amazing.

On the Monday morning we set out on our safari on the search for tigers, the safari was fantastic, changing from savanh to jungle, beautiful lakes and mountains, the views were spectacular, though the roads (tracks) could be extremely bumpy at times, but it was such an enjoyable day.

Crocodile (only saw the one)
Spotted deer (tiger food)

No tiger yet

Geese (probably)

Still no tiger

Monkeying around
Dawn taking a break from the relentless tiger hunting
Back on the trail (note the couple behind me in matching his and hers safari outfits!).

There was a lot of camera alpha maleing going on as guys with huge lenses compared size with one and other – I think they were over compensating (camera euphanism).

The lack of tigers made people so desperate they started taking pictures of each others lenses!
Parrot trying to attack a lizard that was sadly raiding its nest.
Sunset on the way out of the park, it really was beautiful.

Well, as you can guess we did not see any tigers (blog title probably gave that away), turns out that it is about a 1 in four chance of seeing one, we did 2 drives and saw some tiger foot prints, however it was an amazing day, and we would happily do it again.  Anyway, below is a drawing of what we think a tiger might look like.


2 thoughts on “The Tiger(less) safari

  1. Wonderful photos – very artistic- and superb comments – make it into a book ! If you come back with one of those safari suits you are out of the gang.!!x


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