We buy any bra .com


Without having had many trial runs with a fully loaded backpack, Dawn discovered that by the time she got to Heathrow, her usual strapless bra and a heavy rucksack were not a great combination!
On our second day in Delhi she decided that new bras were require, The shops where our hotel was situated did not stock the right kind of bras, and you certainly couldnt try them on, so we went on a trip to the city centre to see what we could find.
We went to a tourist office for advice, but the tourist offices in Delhi are mainly about selling you tours or sending you to shops where they get a cut, we did not realise this at the time and happily went off in a tuk tuk to “the mall” which would stock everything we might need, which would have been fine if we had wanted carpets, elephant statues or saree’s, but no bras.
On the way to the “mall” we saw a sign for Marks & Spencers (really) so we asked our tuk tuk driver to take us there. Sure enough we walked into a small M&S and there at the back of the shop were bras as far as the eye could see. With some help from a very nice shop girl, Dawn chose about 30 bras to try on, and 3 hours later made her choice and picked 2 to buy. After making the purchase the assistant took out a huge M&S cardboard bag to put them. This wasnt going to fit in my ergonomic city backpack so I asked if they had any plastic bags, but no as plastic bags are not allowed in Delhi.
“Thats alright” said Dawn, as she always has a spare plastic bag about her (dont ask), and she proceeded to get out….. a small Marks & Spencer green plastic bag. Now, I’m not saying the staff thought we were the saddest people in the world, but they looked at us as if they were thinking it!
The moral here is, if you going travelling, stress test your lingerie before you leave.
My pants were fine – in case you were wondering.


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