Going going gone!

An interesting first days travel…. the taxi was late so we had to go to Shenfield instead of Ingatestone station, but once on our way the Heathrow Express was a fantastic way to get to the airport. Last week we bought a “Priority Pass” which gets us access to airport club lounges throughout the world. We are flying economy and as we will be spending a lot of time at airports this should make it much more bearable where we have long waits. It’s pretty cheap per use, and we certainly had our moneys worth at the Sky lounge at Heathrow!  The flight itself was pretty eventful. We had just boarded near the back of the plane when a guy started screaming “help me, help me, they’re going to kill me, somebody tell the pilot”. Turns out he was being deported. This went on for nearly an hour, but sadly it just became white noise in the end – spooked everyone to begin with though!  Landed safely enough and met our driver, but as soon as we walked out of the terminal it was liked being smashed in the face with a George Foreman grill – it was so hot!  The traffic was every bit as bad as we had been told. It took an hour to do 12 kilometers, but we got to the hotel and it seems OK for budget accomodation.  Only went out for a short while this afternoon as we are so knackered. The beggars can be a bit shocking (men with no arms, 4 year olds holding babies in the traffic etc.), but we now know our way to the Metro and are all set for some sightseeing tomorrow….

This is all we have for the next 6 months



and leaving home (have to lose the belly before we get back, not sure where that came from?)



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