Preparation Preparation Preparation

Some of the brochures and books we have been using for research, this is just a fraction of the literature we started with, but countries have been added and some dropped as we went along.



Dawn’s kit – need to fit all this into the small blue rucksack at the top of the bed – piece of cake!

Dawns kit.jpg





2 thoughts on “Preparation Preparation Preparation

  1. Some geeky thoughts on packing which I’m sure you already have covered so ignore if I’m preaching: try and ensure you always pack stuff that can be used for multiple purposes. So for example, I avoid taking cases for cameras or kit where a sock will perform the same purpose. I always take a leatherman and a decent torch. I take it you’re packing a USB external battery? I compartmentalise with with carrier bags. Where a need an instruction book I download it as a PDF, where I can I store books in google or on Amazon in the Kindle app which I have on my phone. Zip ties can be really handy for mending stuff. Also I haven’t watched this, but Lifehacker generally have good stuff on packing:


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